To get in touch with me give me a call on 07974 729064 (+44 7974 729064 from outside the uk)
or e-mail using the form below
or call my bookings agency – Films at 59 – +44 (0)117 906 4300


Just a few words about getting in touch

I can never get the wording right on this, I’m happy to be helpful where I can but please don’t call me and ask me to work for free!

I also can’t unfortunately sort out work experience placements, it’s for all sorts of boring financial, insurance and legal reasons and not because I want to be unhelpful. If you are interested in documentary sound I’d suggest approaching a production company and then seeing if you can spend some time with the recordist they are using.

I do very occasionally get a job where I can use a boom op but it’s rare as I mostly do small crew documentary work, don’t bank on me for a job, but I’m happy to hear from you!