Trip Advisor – Check that hotel out before you check in

Mail2web – Pick up your POP email from any computer.  I’ve used this all over the world and highly recommend it.

World Electric Guide – Electric sockets and voltage worldwide!

Multimap – Worldwide maps and directions

Streetmap – UK maps

BBC Weather – World weather and climate guide

Other really useful stuff

Audio Hijack
For Mac OS X, will record AIFF audio from virtually any application, record from the internet or DVD and save to your computer.

Fellow Professionals

Robert Anderson – Sound Recordist (UK)
Mike Cooper – Sound Recordist (Spain)
Malcolm Davies – Manx Sound – Sound Recordist (UK)
Jeff Deeth – Sound Recordist (USA)
Pete Freshney – As The Crow Flies – Mobile Recording (UK)
Derek Hehir – Sound Recordist (Ireland)
Richard Jay – Sound Recordist (UK)
John Rodda – Sound Recordist (UK)
Gary Stadden – Sound Recordist (UK)
Thom Shafer – Sound Recordist (USA)
Anthony Wornum – Sound Recordist (UK)

Nic Small – Shoot First – Cameraman(UK)


The Institute of Professional Sound

Useful Companies & Services

The Bunker – Sound Studio – Bristol
First Sense – Broadcast and Film Equipment – Bristol UK
Rycote – Microphone Windshields – Stroud UK
SQN – Location Mixers – Isle of Man UK
RastOrder – Soundcarts Australia
Trifibre – Custom Flightcases