This is an observational documentary made in the most traditional way. Made over the period of a school year it followed the life’s of a several pupils at The Mulbery Bush School” in Oxfordshire, a school for children with emotional and behavioral problems.

From the Films of Record website: “Having suffered severe abuse and emotional trauma in early life, Mulberry Bush is seen as a last chance saloon for its pupils, who have been expelled from mainstream schools due to their extreme behavior. “Hold Me Tight”, Let Me Go” documents the daily violent confrontations the school’s staff endure and the work the teachers and caregivers carry out, with patience and dedication, to help the children regain control of their behavior and their opportunities so that they may lead more fulfilling, less self-destructive lives. The film compassionately captures the battle the children at Mulberry Bush go through to give voice to the hurt they carry inside. Visits with parents are hugely revealing and highlight that while the child may well act outrageously towards the staff, he or she is still very much an innocent, vulnerable victim in the world of adults.”

 Awards won

Int’l Doc Film Festival Amersterdam, Special Jury Prize
Britdoc, Best British Feature Documentary
Britspotting, Berlin, Best Documentary
Birds Eye View, Best Documentary

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Online comments from PBS, where it provoked a huge reaction.