I’ve got my own kit, so it’s always available, up to date and well looked after. – It includes all the things you would expect a documentary sound recordist to carry.

Standard kit includes – Sound Devices 5 channel mixer, Sennheiser MKH60 mic, 2 Audio 2040 radio mics with Sanken cos 11’s

Always available on location on request – two extra radio mics, mp3 / wav recordings with timecode stamp. A multitude of other mics including matched stereo pairs and a Schoeps CMIT (the sexy blue mic) are available if needed.

Extras – timecode links, wireless link to camera, ipad timecode “slate”

All radio mics are legal and fully licensed for use in the UK, licence viewable on request.

I have an estate car which can carry, kit, passengers and has sat nav.