Digtal doesn’t neccessarily mean better…..

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Digtal doesn’t neccessarily mean better…..

A lively debate can be heard on You and Yours (via Radio 4 listen again) discussing the switch to digital radio.

That section of the programme starts at around 34 minutes in but the rest of the programme is also very interesting, discussing other digital issues.

I think the government have this completely the wrong way round. National stations need FM, cheap for people to listen to wherever they are. Niche interest and ultra local stations would be at home streaming on the internet – cheap at the point of broadcast.

By all means have DAB as well but replacing all our radios with more expensive versions that draw more power is just not green or cost effective! I have a wind up / solar powered radio that costs nothing to run. I don’t see that for DAB yet.

Just because it is digital does not mean it’s better quality, the sound quality of FM is better than DAB because the broadcasters cut bit-rates in order to cram as many stations as possible into the bandwidth available. More stations doesn’t necessarily mean more quality choice – look at digital tv for goodness sake. There’s room enough on FM for all the choice we need. Many areas already have a local BBC station, several independent stations and a community station. Internet streaming can provide anything else we really need and the main mass appeal, large listenership stations can stay where they are and be listened to on the radios we already have.

If you feel as I do you can sign this petition on the number 10 website.


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