Cafe at the entrance of Swindon Cattle Market
I recently re-discovered these photographs while doing a bit of sorting. Believe it or not there was […]
I have been using for some time a pair of Audio Ltd 2000’s as a camera hop, […]
Davis Guggenheim has spent 18 months making a documentary about Malala Yousafzai. I was lucky enough to […]
Kashflow has recently added a new feature to their online accounting software. You can now – if […]
Later this week I have the pleasure of speaking at the Northcape film festival – in the […]
I’ve been using my 633 for just over a week and I have to say I am […]
Series 2 of World’s Weirdest Weather starts on More 4 tonight. I did a little work on […]
Yesterday I had a lovely job in the Forest of Dean recording a piece about the Dawn […]
Wanted – A Family of My Own is a new ITV series, made by Wall to Wall […]
BBC Countryfile recently got access to Princess Anne and spoke to her about various countryside topics – […]