Hard Road West – documentary movie

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Hard Road West – documentary movie

I’ve just completed a website for a colleague who has made a docu-drama called Hard Road West about the “Donner Party”.

April 1846.
The United States are just 69 years old and 2 families, with no experience of exploration, embark on a marathon journey into the unknown. California, at that time Mexican territory, is 2,400 miles away and, travelling by wagon train at 2 miles an hour, they hope to reach their ‘promised land’ in about 150 days. They don’t.

Fated by extreme weather, undermined by human error, ravaged by hunger, two ordinary families are driven to the very edge of endeavour and endurance.

This is their story as told by the survivors…

“Even the wind seemed to hold its breath as the suggestion was made that, were one to die, the rest might live”. Eliza Donner.

Find out more about the film and watch some clips at www.widescreenpictures.co.uk – The Donner Party documentary


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