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I thought I’d check out blogging from the iPhone as it seems like there claims to be an app for most things at the moment!

Blogpress seems to offer quite a neat little solution to blogging on the go. Currently only allows you to edit posts made in the last 30 days but that may not be important to you. For adding new posts while “out in the field” it feels like it will do the job.

While on the subject of the iphone I have to say that while I love the phone itself, in the UK I’m more than a little unimpressed with O2′s coverage. After a couple of months on the network and travelling around the country a fair bit I’ve found a lack of places where O2 works and others don’t and many where others are chatting away on their phones and I have “no service”. However it works better in my house than the Three network which was terrible and had awful customer service to boot.

Those on O2 might be interested to know that O2 have quietly announced that they will unlock the phones of those on contract for free and those on PAYG for £15. Those under contrct to O2 will still be in contract and have to pay till the end but at least will be able to place other SIMs in the phone while abroad or while spending any length of time in dead areas.

On the subject of iPhone unlocking, if you aren’t on O2 there are a lot of websites out there that will charge you money for unlocking your phone. They all use programmes freely available from the iPhone dev team so if this interests you, look at their blog, have a google around and you may be able to unlock yourself for free. In order to unlock your phone this way you have to “jailbreak” it first. There is plenty of info on the dev teams blog and elsewhere about how to do this but there’s debate about whether or not it’s legal to do so..


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