This programme was always set to be a cause for debate, bringing up as it does some […]
“A young NHS hospital doctor called “Ruth” is suspended because she is suffering from depression. She does […]
A dialogue with myself When Ruth began hearing voices, she turned to a controversial drug-free therapy programme. […]
Rufus is a maverick psychologist who thinks there’s nothing wrong with hearing voices…Ruth is a junior doctor […]
Transmission dates have moved slightly and there is still time to see the last couple of episodes […]
Some of new Unseen Skins are up on YouTube. I worked on a few of them and […]
Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go (PG) Director: Kim LonginottoStarring: The children and staff of the Mulberry […]
There are three episodes left in the series, most of the sound is by Tony Jones, but […]
Coming soon…To be broadcast on Channel Four during April 2008 The Doctor Who Hears VoicesDrama documentary, 70mins […]