There are three episodes left in the series, most of the sound is by Tony Jones, but some of it is me!

March 25th 8.30pm BBC2
Episode Eight – In The Midst Of Life…
Summer has finally arrived and Johnny conquers two of his greatest fears – flying and horses! And at his land he’s delighted when a heron visits the pond. Everything is going well until suddenly he receives some shocking news about his close friend Tony Thorne.

April 1st 8.30pm
Episode Nine – The New Beast Of Exmoor?
The time has come to cut the wheat on Johnny’s land and he’s made an intriguing discovery. It looks as if he has wild boar living there. They must be from the herd that escaped onto Exmoor two years ago. Johnny is determined to film them.

April 2nd 8.30pm
Episode Ten – Home At Last
It’s autumn; Johnny’s favourite time of year and as always he wants to film a roaring stag! But he’s got his work cut out judging a bizarre competition on Exmoor and entertaining the people he met whilst filming in Scotland. He’s looking forward to a quiet winter on the land with his wife, Julie.

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