My “patent” flagpole silencer, with thanks to Robin Toyne for inspiration and Mat Lingard for gaffer tape […]
Have you come across Rogue Amoeba software? Well, if you haven’t there might be few bits that […]
This one has been driving me mad! I run bootcamp on an aging but faithful MacBook – […]
Look at all those pretty lights! The timecode input on the 552 sound mixer really is a […]
I’m guessing that by now most sound recordists will be using rechargeable batteries in their radio mics. […]
This is my latest “essential” bit of sound recording kit. The Sound Devices 552 is the “mixer […]
Thank you to Rycote in Stroud for their open day hospitality today, bargains were had, tea was […]
Lock-it boxes are a very useful way of locking sound recorder and video timecode together, allowing sound […]
If you, like me bought an Edirol R-09 some time ago it might be worth checking you […]
Keith Rodgerson has written a very comprehensive review of the Sound Devices 788T Which can be seen […]