I have been using for some time a pair of Audio Ltd 2000’s as a camera hop, […]
I’ve been using my 633 for just over a week and I have to say I am […]
Yesterday I had a lovely job in the Forest of Dean recording a piece about the Dawn […]
I lost count many years ago of the amount of times the internet has helped me out […]
Am I the only one to find upgrading or adding plugins to a ProTools installation a nightmare […]
Just a little trick if you use this little recorder, the Roland R-05 (pictured) – I have […]
Couldn’t boom because of shadows, couldn’t use a personal mic on our presenter (Chris Packham) because he […]
Today’s sound invention is – cue drum roll – a record deck silencer! Ok, so it’s a […]
A good brushing and the old Rycote windjammer looks like new!
Skype for Interviews from dkaye I found this brilliant tutorial recently on getting the best sound recording […]