BBC Academy will be presenting a series of events around the UK to raise awareness of loudness and audibility issues in TV sound amongst BBC staff, indies, freelancers and external suppliers.

The Sound Matters events are being held with the assistance of Creative Skillset, IABM, IPS and UK Screen Association and will offer two tracks: one aimed at producers and the other at creative technical operators.

Each event will feature masterclasses from experienced and renowned audio professionals from both the production sound and post production communities. The events will be launched by a keynote speech from Danny Cohen, Director of BBC TV, who will emphasise the importance of delivering good sound to the TV audience.


Event Dates (Please click the links below to book tickets for the event you require)

London 20/1/14 0900-1300

Salford 29/1/14 1100-1530 incl lunch

Glasgow 05/02/14 1100-1530 incl lunch 

Bristol 04/03/14 1100-1530 incl lunch 

Cardiff 20/03/14 1100-1530 incl lunch

Belfast 27/3/14 1100-1530 incl lunch 


Event Programme

  • Keynote speech: Compelling TV needs good sound – Danny Cohen, Dir. of BBC TV
  • Receiving you loud and clear – Delivering compelling soundscapes for the whole audience
  • What’s LUFS got to do with it? – Loudness explained for producers
  • Crazy little thing called LUFS – Loudness explained for creative technical operators
  • Capturing good sound on location – Masterclass
  • Post production mixing for audibility and loudness – panel discussion with leading dubbing mixers
  • Live mixing for loudness in Sport, OB events, music and studio audience shows – panel discussion with industry experts

The events are free of charge but eligibility criteria apply:

  • Delegates should be in one of the following roles: Director, Producer, Production Manager, Head of Production, Live Audio Mixer (studio or OB), Sound Recordist, Dubbing Mixer, Post-production Supervisor, Editor, QC operator, MCR technician, Post-production Facility Manager, Senior Engineer, Technical Manager
  • Delegates should meet any of the following three criteria:

1. Two recent and relevant broadcast credits

2. A permanent position within a facility engaged in broadcast work

3. A permanent position within an independent production company with recent or current broadcast commissions



All UK broadcasters, including the BBC, are striving to increase audio quality for television and reduce the number of complaints from viewers about audibility and loudness.

Loudness complaints are about jumps in sound levels around programme junctions which cause viewers to adjust the volume controls on their TV remotes. In 2013, all the major UK broadcasters, through the Digital Production Partnership (DPP), introduced a common technical standard for the delivery of programmes which includes loudness regulation.

This DPP specification also demands that “dialogue should be acquired and mixed so that it is clear and easy to understand”. This is of importance to the significant proportion of viewers that suffer age-related hearing impairment. Whilst the use of excessive levels of background music is mainly a post-production issue, the DPP spec also acknowledges the importance of recording good dialogue on location. Furthermore, audio clarity is not just a technical problem. Many complaints relate to indistinct delivery of speech by actors, presenters and contributors, so directors too have a role to play in ensuring that dialogue is conveyed clearly.



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