Kashflow has recently added a new feature to their online accounting software. You can now – if you are with certain uk banks  (listed below) import your statement data directly into the Kashflow programme. I’m looking forward to saving myself loads of time when they add the feature for my bank.

What is so good about it? Well currently you have to download your statement from your bank, open it in a spreadsheet (and make some adjustments if you import more than one account into Kashflow) and the import it into the system. This new way will be a one click solution, it will make one of the most tedious procedures in Kashflow easy and quick!

If you bank with any of the following you will be already able to log in to your bank account from Kashflow and make the transfer; Bank of Scotland Business, Barclays, Clydesdale, Co-op, Halifax, HSBC, HSBC Business, Lloyds, Lloyds Business, Matro Business Corporate, Metro Bank Retail,  Nationwide, NatWest, Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Bank of Scotland Business Digital, Santander, Santander Business Banking and TSB

Kashflow is also quite economic as an online accounting system, there is a £5 starter package and the business package I use which does everything I need is only £10 a month (I don’t need payroll), which for keeping me a little bit organised seems a very fair price. You can try before you buy,  it’s all online and does not install anything on your computer, which means it also works great on a PC or a Mac.

Once it’s all set up it works great, and if you do run in to problems the online support is very good and quick. You can pay your VAT with the click of a mouse…

Sign up for a free trial of Kashflow

If you follow my link above and sign up to the plan including payroll you will receive a discount for your first 6 months.


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