Skype for Interviews from dkaye

I found this brilliant tutorial recently on getting the best sound recording quality from Skype. It’s a little out of date now but the principles ring true and I have not found anything more comprehensive out there. For example the codec that they mention has now been superseded – so don’t expect to see that in your status window. I’d still highly recommend Audio Hijack Pro though if you are working on a mac – for all sorts of audio recording but it works particularly well for Skype as there is a setting of splitting the caller and receiver on to different tracks, which really helps with any editing afterwards.  

There‘s a bit of computer set up to go through, which I found a bit tricky – but with the help of the following articles I managed it. If you are on an apple mac you might find them useful: 

Apple port mapping Basics  
Locating your MAC address 
and finally this is the source of the video – The Conversation Network Forums 

Good luck!  

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