Every now and again I get my files together and I organise the sound effects I have managed to record. I normally end up with sound effects more by accident by design, just things I have captured while hanging around waiting for something else to happen. One of the joys of owning some of the newer portable mixers like the Sound Devices 552 or 664 that also record is that you can grab things sometimes as you hear them. Sometimes I do go out to record something I need specifically, but more often than not it’s a happy co-incidence.

A bi-product of this also is my account on freesound.org. It’s a really useful site and I have on occasion downloaded audio from it. In order to “give something back”, when I am organised enough I upload some bits and pieces as well. That’s normally the last of it, sometimes people say ‘thanks’, but generally that’s it. Today though was nice, I was sent a little film – an animation made by some children who had used my recording of “wild horses running” – with a lot of bass added I must say – as part of their soundtrack. Thank you, for taking the trouble to send me your film, and I hope you make many more! And here is the film:

and here are many other sounds I have kept http://www.freesound.org/people/soundmary/

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