Just got my hands on some of these vampire and iso mounts for the Sanken cos 11 […]
New firmware has just been released in the last couple of days for the Sound Devices 664 […]
I’ve been trying out “Boomwrap” and have to say I’ve found it quite useful. What is it? […]
Every now and again I get my files together and I organise the sound effects I have […]
As many of you know the then chair of BECTU’s Western Freelance Branch and Lighting Camerman, Andy […]
There’s an interesting Early Day Motion here which you could ask your MP to support: Early day […]
This one is hot off the press! The Sony f55 card camera. So hot off the press […]
Here’s a few pictures of this little camera so you can see where the sound setting switches […]
After the success of last year’s autumn event the Western Freelance Branch is proud to announce its […]
Some of these smaller cameras are a real pain for sound recordists. Mainly because no two are […]