See / hear how we got on this weekend on Countryfile at the insanely noisy Dorset Steam […]
This has been annoying me for ages. Until a few months ago I used a perfectly good, […]
Blogging about VAT when you are Sound Recordist is very boring – even more boring than doing […]
Just a little trick if you use this little recorder, the Roland R-05 (pictured) – I have […]
Just got my hands on some of these vampire and iso mounts for the Sanken cos 11 […]
New firmware has just been released in the last couple of days for the Sound Devices 664 […]
I’ve been trying out “Boomwrap” and have to say I’ve found it quite useful. What is it? […]
This one will be available to watch or download on iplayer for the next couple of days […]
Just found out that a film I did sound on a few years ago in South Africa […]
Every now and again I get my files together and I organise the sound effects I have […]